About EQIP

ICT is not just a technical aspect of the business. Rolls and tasks within ICT are so various what makes this profession of ICT such a joy. I therefore look at every assignment as a challenge (technical, processes or on communication level) which I approach with full enthusiasm. Lots of attention for the customer and employee (besides delivering quality and professionalism) are very important if not the most important aspect of an assignment. With every assignment/project I spent lots of attention to employees. They are the people who eventually will have to work with the new/improved product/processes or service.

Also EQIP Consultancy provides guest lectures to children and students in order to promote ICT occupations and demonstrate what the possibilities are in this field of work. From this idea EQIP Consultancy created a game called “[CTRL] A – The ICT Role-playing game” for children of ages 10 years and older (www.ctrla.eu). This is a physical game that will interactively simulate a real ICT project and show children and teachers what roles are available and what those roles mean.

This also led to [CTRL] A beeing accepted on the website for education (Leermidelenplein): wiki onderwijs leermiddelenplein.

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  • Our Vision
In several years EQIP-Consultancy will be known “internationally” as an out of the box, provider of ICT-services that delivers with Quality and integrity at all times.
  • Our Mission
EQIP Consultancy contributes a lot to the ICT-branch as well as to the society. This will be done by using a human, out of the box and qualitative approach. Also we aim tp share as much knowledge as possible with our peers and consumers.
  • Our Ambition

EQIP will execute ICT-assignments, Process and Organizational changes in different organizations and branches. This by using an efficient, effective and out of the box approach.

EQIP separates itself from other companies by spending equal amount of energy on the human side as technical aspects of an assignment.

EQIP aims to establish itself as a qualitative company/partner within a variety of branches (healthcare, education, oil&gas, government, finance, retail, construction etc.)

  • About Vanessa Engelhart / Managing Director
As an enthusiastic freelance ICT-professional with a sparkling personality I have more than 10 years of experience in: management of IT engineers/IT specialists/internal and external supplier, Consultancy, Project and Program Management, (ITIL/LEAN) processes, implementation and optimisation of 1st, 2nd, 3rd line support departments.

I am flexible and have a result-oriented approach, own strong communication skills and a customer friendly and “can do” mentality. Quality, integrity and professionalism are very important qualities and competences for me at all times.

I am most enthusiastic when I coach employees or optimize and professionalize existing environments/departments to a higher level of quality using “out of the box” approaches.

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